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About Us

In July 1977, Shipshewana Homes began offering manufactured housing as an alternative to "stick-built" homes, and the growth continues today. We have placed homes in 13 states and served hundreds and hundreds of families with the value and flexibility this type of housing offers. There have been tremendous advancements in the industry and that's why you are now investigating the possibilities for your next home.

The Miller Family

Shipshewana Homes and JM Quality Construction join forces to design and build the home of your dreams!! JM Quality construction was founded by Joe Miller in 2002. JM Quality Construction strongly believes in stick built modular home construction, to provide you with quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Joe had the opportunity to purchase Shipshewana Homes in April of 2014. Shipshewana Homes wants to continue the legacy and continue to raise the standard for residential and commercial home construction. A great deal of our business comes from word of mouth and from providing excellent service to home owners, whether they purchased their home from us or not. We strive to have people say only good things about us.

We all notice remnants of the past sprinkled along the countryside. We also recognize that the new style stick built modular homes can exist next to "on-site-built" homes and be indistinguishable in any subdivision or rural setting. Shipshewana Homes is proud to be part of this industry!

We offer hundreds of fully customizable floor plans to accommodate most lifestyles. If your interest lends itself to more custom flexibility, our custom designs will help bring your dreams to reality.

For more information regarding Shipshewana Homes, give us a call, write, fax or email us.

Discover why, from blueprints on a desk to footprints in your carpet, we want to be your home builder.

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